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Determine, Inc. and Jason Busch of Spend Matters Co-Host Webinar: Contract Compliance—Why it Matters to Procurement

CARMEL, Ind., Oct. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Determine, Inc. (NASDAQ:DTRM), the pioneering leader in global Source-to-Pay and Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (ECLM) Cloud Platform solutions, will present a live webinar on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 12PM ET / 9AM PT.

Jason Busch of Spend Matters, Julien Nadaud, Chief Product Officer at Determine and Rick Geneva, Director of Product Management at Determine, will explore the thought leadership and best practices around contract compliance and what procurement’s role should be in managing it. The discussion and learning will include how contract technology can help organizations improve savings and supplier relationships while mitigating risk.

"I once stopped in my tracks when someone told me an all-too-obvious idea that I had never thought of: decent contract compliance to even mediocrely negotiated agreements trumps partial compliance to the best sourced deals. It's simple and true. Non-compliance can render great sourcing and procurement triumphs elsewhere moot. This is why I'm excited to speak about this topic on this webinar."
Jason Busch, Founder, Head of Strategy, Azul Partners, Inc.

As “risk aware procurement” is becoming an increasingly important methodology, the presenters will explore in-depth how the role of procurement in contract compliance is critical, if not mandatory. Along with contextualizing contract compliance through vertical industry examples and customer business cases, a range of related topics will include:

  • CLM – the nexus of compliance, stakeholders, suppliers and customers
  • Why compliance is the new savings
  • Integrating contracts and procurement seamlessly
  • How process management simplifies collaboration

“Combining contract management in an overall source-to-pay process enables better contract compliance because the process is managed from start to finish, upstream and downstream. Customers who are leveraging procurement, supplier management and contract management on the Determine Cloud Platform are benefiting from procurement’s centralized role and global perspective to optimize savings, efficiency and supplier performance through contract compliance.”
Julien Nadaud, Chief Product Officer, Determine, Inc.

Online registration for the webinar is still available.

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Determine, Inc. (NASDAQ:DTRM) is a leading global provider of SaaS Source to Pay and Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (ECLM) solutions. Our visionary technologies allow our customers to effectively manage the full scope of Source to Pay and ECLM using our Determine Cloud Platform. Our Source to Pay software suite includes strategic sourcing, supplier management, contract management and procure-to-pay applications.

The Determine Cloud Platform gives procurement, finance and legal professionals the ability to deliver profound insights through analysis of their supplier relationships and contractual requirements. Our customers leverage the Determine Cloud Platform to discover previously unseen supplier and spend data; make more informed and smarter business decisions; drive new revenue; control costs; improve workflow efficiencies; and mitigate risk.

Our customers benefit from the Determine Cloud Platform’s robust suite of integrated applications. Whether they start with a full-suite implementation or choose to implement just one application and build over time, each additional application allows for the automatic sharing of data already in place on the Determine Cloud Platform.

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