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Determine, Inc. Redefines the Industry Standard With the Latest Determine Cloud Platform Release

Determine Cloud Platform New Release Pushes New Boundaries in Source-to-Pay and Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management

CARMEL, Ind., Jan. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Determine, Inc. (NASDAQ:DTRM), a pioneering leader in global Source-to-Pay and Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (ECLM) Cloud Platform solutions, announced the New Release of the Determine Cloud Platform will further push the boundaries of process efficiency and effectiveness around advanced Source-to-Pay and Enterprise Contract Management capabilities.

The Determine Cloud Platform defines the benchmark of what constitutes a true, modular source-to-pay SaaS offering. Customer growth on the Determine Cloud Platform continues to escalate quarterly, attracting leading organizations across key verticals — including financial services, healthcare / life sciences, and retail — seeking the most innovative solutions to their immediate and long-term challenges.

“As a customer-driven company, agile innovation on the Determine Cloud Platform is part of our responsive corporate culture. Customer needs - and marketplace demands - influence our relentless pace of development as we focus on providing the most advanced means for customers to achieve real bottom line results, cost savings, reduced risks and, ultimately, Platformance. Our New Release is further evidence of the incredible momentum Determine is sustaining as we look ahead to the rest of 2018. It’s an impressive start to the year.”
Julien Nadaud, Chief Product Officer, Determine, Inc.

The latest Determine Cloud Platform Release dials up the capabilities available to firms in Sourcing, Supplier Management, Contract Management, Procurement:

  • Platform-Wide / Determine Core:
    • Advanced Grid UI is a new chapter UX development which automatically creates a process hierarchy that spans individual records, departments and company-wide, simplifying and accelerating workflows.
    • ADA-Compliant Graphic Palette using advanced research to create optimized complementary color combinations and blends to create accessibility for color blindness, as well as overall enhanced navigation.
  • Sourcing
    • Extended sourcing and contract integration enables contract(s) creation requests directly from an awarded sourcing event, defining contract type, terms, counterparties and other variable flexibility.
  • Supplier Management:
    • Supplier Performance Management achieves a new level of oversight with automatic questionnaire and evaluation scoring based on configurable response rules.
    • Suppliers tags linked to certification status based on specific rules enables users to see immediately which suppliers are eligible for specific needs based on clearly placed tags., reducing the potential for third-party risk.
  • Contract Management:
    • Dynamic templates provide additional flexibility by enabling users to insert a range of conditional sections into contracts, such as tables and other items.
    • Industry-leading authoring and redlining capabilities achieve further functionality through Provisions, or tags, that allow non-legal users to understand contract contents, as well as add provisions with an automatic hierarchy.
    • Signer Role provides flexible e-signature functionality with a search-and-place feature for adding authorized signers, as well as automated based on criteria.
  • Procurement:
    • Catalog Version Management allows for faster catalog updating by avoiding having to load all images for each catalog version. Images are now shared across a catalog repository.
    • Catalog managers are able to update active catalogs directly from the catalog version. It is now possible to add/delete/update catalog items manually or with imports, without having to create a new catalog version.
    • eCommerce slider bar displays multiple versions of the same item in one window, allowing requesters to immediately see price and other comparisons. Spend tracking automatically records savings and / or missed savings in the line item for improved spend management.

Significant resources are also dedicated to continuous enhancement of the Determine Core, the driver of functionality on the Determine Cloud Platform. Important advances in UI/UX - critical for user adoption and ROI, dynamic configurability of templates, catalog management, contract fields and many others are hallmarks of the New Release.

Companies interested in a personalized experience of the Determine Cloud Platform are encouraged to schedule a no-obligation demonstration.

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About Determine, Inc.
Determine, Inc. (NASDAQ:DTRM) is a leading global provider of SaaS Source-to-Pay and Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (ECLM) solutions. The Determine Cloud Platform provides procurement, legal and finance professionals analytics of their supplier, contract and financial performance. Our technologies empower customers to drive new revenue, identify savings, improve compliance and mitigate risk.

The Determine Cloud Platform seamlessly integrates with major ERP or third-party systems such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, QAD and Microsoft. Modular solutions can be configured to add more as needed to provide additional value beyond spend management. Our unified master database and business process management approach empowers users at every level to make more informed and smarter decisions.

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